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A&E Supplies Installs Turret Rewinder from Daco

Manufacturers of plain and printed labels, A & E Supplies is located in Denton, in Manchester. Having used a DSI plain label converter from Daco Solutions since 2007, it needed to increase efficiency of its plain label division further due to increased pressure on margins from the increase in cost of paper as well as the downward trend in end user pricing.

Having spoken with Daco, on several occasions about the purchase of a further rotary die-cutter with a wider web width to improve throughput, the opportunity for a Combi turret rewinder with a quick delivery time became available.

‘Having looked at turret rewinders in the past we felt that they did not suit the type of work that we produce. We produce large rolls on our Edale Beta flexographic label press and need to finish them efficiently offline; we currently rewind them on an inspection slitter rewinder.

‘Daco explained that the Combi is unique as the turret rewinder has its own built in unwind and slitting. It can be placed on the end of a flexographic label press or run offline enabling us to choose which is the most efficient and cost effective for the job. Previously we would have had to choose an inline or offline turret and would have not had the flexibility. Inline turrets often slow down the press when running small mandrels, but with the Combi, we now have both options,’ commented Andrew Hurford, managing director.

He continued, ‘This made us look again at turret rewinding and realised that the Combi’s unique features fit in well with the type of work and processes we have. For small roll production for thermal transfer printers, we can put it on the end of our DSI blank label converter significantly reducing the downtime created when attaching the web to new cores at each cycle end as this is now fully automatic. The finishing on the end of the Edale Beta or finishing offline reduces time spent on the inspection rewinder.’

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