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Customer File Upload

To Upload files to our server you must first login using the following instructions: Please contact us for your Unique Username and Password if you do not have one:

Click on the user login shown on the right of any of the A&E website pages.

Or go to the link: http://www.aandesupplies.com/wp-login.php

A&E Supplies Logon Screen

Type in your Username and Password (case sensitive)

Complete the simple calculation to stop bugs.

Select Log In button.

If you have lost your password then click the link for it to be reset.

NB: MAX FILE SIZE 96MB for each upload

Please follow these next instructions to upload files to our server:


Select the Manage Files Option on the left sidebar of your screen:

A&E Supplies Manage Files

Click the Browse button and select a file off your computer:

Click the Upload File button to Upload the file:

Your uploaded files will be shown at the top of your screen:

You can switch between the Dashboard and the Website at the top left of your browser: Once logged in you can also see your uploaded User Files File List on the right of our webpages: You can also use the User File Uploader just under this again on the right of the webpage:

You may download files at any time back to your own computer from our server or delete them by placing your cursor over one of the following icons top right of your website window within the Dashboard/Manage Files area:

A&E Supplies Download Delete Buttons




We will delete files once we have a copy of them and your print job has been completed to save server space:

For Larger files up to 2Gig you can use this external service: WE TRANSFER DOT COM Please be aware that large files will take time to download… so please be patient.

Thank you for using our services.